Owl finished, well except for the label.

All the applique done! Now it’s time to thnk about how to quilt this.By mistake I cut out and prepared this section, it is smaller than the ones on the front, so of course, it goes on the back. I don’t think my machine applique is very neat, but, it’s on the back.Here is a close up of the border, I thought I took a before picture, I had quilted within the squiggles. I didn’t like that look, so I painstakingly removed that quilting. I only left it in the yellow sections. This is becoming a theme with me, removing quilting…For the owl itself, I simply quilted around all the applique.Except for a little echoing in the wing and body.I wasn’t sure how to quilt the background. Irene recommended feathers. I love quilting feather, so that is what I did.The stems of the feathers sort of form an echo quilting around the owl. The frame is much looser and more freeform. Hopefully, the attention is on the bright owl and not the frame.Here it is finished, in all it’s glory. Hanging on the wall! Yay!  As I look closely at this picture, I can see where it isn’t a perfect rectangle, I don’t care. I doubt people will come in and comment on that, if they do – it’s their problem. This is a handmade quilt, it’s not meant to be ‘perfect’.  I will be submitting it to shows, because I think it is amazing. I will keep you posted where it might be going.  And if it only goes to the local guild show, that is fine by me.

I have mentioned that I don’t view my quilting as fine art. I view it as an expression of my creativity, and believe me, perfection isn’t that important to me.


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