Hacking a shirt pattern

I’ve made the button down shirt so many times, long sleeve and short. So I decided to go ahead and add a peplum. I found this fun shoe fabric at Michael Levines. I knew I had to play with the directions of the fabric. Yes this is one directional fabric! That thing I’ve complained about! Oh well, even I break my own rules.Wearing the shirt open. I’ll be honest I’m not so sure that I love the peplum.You can sort of see that on the collar the shoes mirror the front of the shirt. I achieved that by sewing the upper collar with a seam in the center back. I get, you get dizzy just looking at this fabric. So maybe my efforts are for naught. You can see the center seam on both the collar and the yoke, seeing to it that the shoes on the yoke go in opposite directions to the collar.I did the same with the cuffs, have them going in opposite directions as well. I just noticed that the front and back match! The rows of shoes match that is. That is serendipitous! I didn’t plan it that way. Maybe because I was so concerned about the rest of the shirt it just happened.This shirt came together very nicely, I know I’ll get good wear out of it.

And  now, onto another sewing project. My friend Roberta invited me over to ‘help’ her make Halloween bags for her grandsons.First is this bucket. She has had this fabric forever, it is darling!  I think I made the bucket a little long! Oh well, mom will carry it. I didn’t use a pattern, just cut out a circle for the base and measure the circumference for the sides. I did a simple quilting with batting to give it body. Folded over the linning and added a strap.For the baby, same fabric, simple bag. I did, self-line the bag by sewing the two together a the top, then sewing the side seams and the bottom, leaving an opening in the line to pull through to the right side.Roberta was paying attention!!!  These are ones that she went ahead and made for friends.  I love helping out, it’s even better when she learns from me. Not that she will stop asking for my ‘help’ to make things. But she actually does a lot of work on her own. We just have a grand old time with me creating and her chattering away – as well as paying attention to what I’m doing.


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