Round Robin, the reveal

I had one quilt left to work on.Here is it before my border.Have you noticed that all my borders are either curves or applique? Well no, the very first border I did was diamonds using Deb Tucker’s ruler.Wow, look at mine! I am really pleased and surprised at how this came out. I love the asymmetry of it. I am not going to quilt it right away, I need to let it all sink in.Now, it’s time to show off the other quilts. All together there were 18 people who participated. This was a wildly successful venture, I think we all had a good time. The quilts are really impressive, so here goes:Talk about complete improv, and yet it works very very well.This one looks like it could have been a kit. Almost as if six different people didn’t work on it. Really amazing.
Hey, look, I got someone else to do some applique here.Southwest.Calm and quiet, I am the one who did all the colorful flying geese, gave permission to other quilters to go a little wild.How different they all look!And here is another one that looks so well planned.  It was 15 quilters, Scott started with a warm and a cool, one group only had 5 members so he filled in.I may have missed a few, although I am the photographer, my camera is really acting up these days. Sorry, to those who’s quilts didn’t make it into my photoshoot.

I had a lot of fun with this. But it is a one and done. I don’t feel like I want to participate in a round robin again. The guild is trying to get a bee going – no thanks. I really appreciate other people’s work, but I think I’d like to stick to my own work without collaboration.


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