I used to be a docent at LACMA, now I only go for lectures. First lecture of the touring year, and look what I see in the courtyard. This monkey may be been here for quite a while.Years ago Jeff Coons figured out that these highly polished stainless steel balloon sculptures are his ticket to fame and money. As much as I enjoy them, I can’t call them art. But then by my definition, 90% of what is being shown in museums these days isn’t art.Yes the idea of reflecting something shiny in water is nice, it’s still not art. I haven’t toured at LACMA in years. They are now preparing to close most of the museum for massive renovations. I went for the lecture and to see friends. The lecture was interesting, I’m happy to see they have hired a very capable vibrant yound curator for European art. The friends, well lets just say, as time goes by and I don’t see these people often, the ‘friendship’ part has fallen away. So I feel much less of a pull to brave traffic to go there. That’s ok, I’m building stronger friendships among my quilting friends.Most people wouldn’t call this clown art. I wouldn’t either, but it certainly has much better staying power than the art in the museums. A few years ago I posted pictures of this in the daytime. It is a neon clown, so it deserves the full nighttime image. Although, to be honest, it is much scarier at night.Aytan spent the weekend. His parents got a much deserved weekend in Vegas. His sister was with the other grandma. First thing he said when I picked him up from school on Friday was – make apple pie! So we did. He had pretty good knife skills. I guess I should have peeled the apples…. His mom makes the best apple pie – me no so much. Sorry it’s so blurry, Aytan just took the picture, if it were sharper it would be great. You get what you can.Saturday was soccer, he is getting really good at this, 5 goals.Visiting the best Halloween house in the neighborhood.Seeing a cousin, who looks a little shell-shocked, no worries he’s fine.


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