busy weekend

I went on a quilting retreat with the Valley Quiltmakers Guild to Timble Towne in Bakersfield. More on Bakersfield later.

I agreed to finish up the opportunity quilt for the guild. Someone had dropped the ball and this raffle quilt is the biggest fundraiser every year.  I really took on a very big job, especially since I wanted to finish it on this retreat.The Lone Star had to be assembled, and then a complicated quilt put together.  I had brought my ‘sewing machine’ not the machine I use for quilting, it works fine, but I’m used to piecing on my other machine.Stage one, done! The triangles are a little wonky, I did have to trim them some before putting in the next border. I also had to create the border myself. Little by little the zigzag border grew. We did take a break to go get icecream, a well needed break. Most people were working on their own projects, or quilts and small objects for the quilt show we put on in May.

It’s was 8 pm at night by the time I got to this point. I had started work on Friday afternoon, this was Saturday. I was exhausted. I usually like to take my time. Now I was just rushing.The star blocks were made ahead of time by other members of the guild. I made the light green blocks on the top and bottom. Somewhere along the way, the red blocks got lost. They were delivered to the president, but she couldn’t find them. so I had to make these two as well. We know that now that the quilt top is done, she will find them no problem. Such is life.

The quilt is  98″ x  86″, it will be sent to a longarm quilter. I am done!!!Sure I’m smiling, I finished before noon on Sunday, stayed for lunch and then drove home. Luckily the Castaic Fire didn’t affect the 5 freeway.Just a couple of fellow quilters. The relief that this is done is palatable!Some people had already left by the time we got this picture.  I think this would be perfect on a king size bed.Look at all the other projects people worked on, definitely a very creative productive bunch.I was able to hand this over to the guild president. I hope next time I see it, it will be quilted.

All members have to buy $20 tickets, we can resell them or encourage others to buy tickets. So if you really love this, let me know!


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