VMQG Round Robin

I’m writing this as I go, but by the time I publish this, at least six months will have gone by.

My modern Valley guild is having a round robin. This is where the participants make a center square, then we put it in a box with a journal and some fabric. In the journal, we write our likes and dislikes. Then each month, the box moves to another quilter. The order is always the same.Here is my center block. Yup, I had to add some applique cuz that is what I’m really into right now.  My requests were no improv, I really don’t like improv. I’m noticing that the eyes on this owl aren’t great. Since then, I’ve been adding applique to my DWR. I feel that my curves and circles are improving with practice.

I bought a really cute box and put in a lot of fabric. Unfortunately, out instruction sheet only arrived two days before the exchange, and one thing we were told, was put all the fabric in the box. Turns out that isn’t true,  we can add our own fabrics to the quilt. I hope the people who get my box do so, even though I put in a lot of choices. I should have taken a picture of the block I got on it’s own. I didn’t, so here it is with my border, coming together.  Yup, I’m using my Deb Tucker tools.Adding some corner blocks in blocks.Maybe this is a better arrangement?Here it is, my part is done. Funny thing, the center block was 14.5″ which isn’t a standard size. I thought I may have to add a small border between the block and my border, turns out, it fit perfectly! That was sheer luck. I do like how I included some of my own prints with some solids.  I won’t see this until the end.

So I get a call from Gina, she hands her blocks over to me, she won’t make it to the April meeting so can she drop off her April project? Sure!She added a simple narrow border. At first, I thought I’d wait until May, then I realized that I hand off to Pat, she lives far away, it will be easier to give her two blocks this month. So I get to work.I introduced another color, if we all stick to the original color theme it won’t matter what we add, it will all blend into one. Case in point, I kept thinking that I was dealing with one center block, not a block and one border. You know me and my love of applique right now. I happen to have a pattern from Carolyn Friedlander, it included the arrow and the orange blob. These days I’m getting pickier about patterns I buy. I know, it’s their livelihood, but I don’t often feel like it was worth my money.Since this is a modern challenge, I also felt the need to keep the elements spaced apart. Notice the little grey circle in the upper right corner?It now should be on the lower left corner, but it’s gone. I had a problem with that grey, I even tried to make an arrow, no glue I used would stick to the paper, so I gave up, even though no one will notice, I took it out and replaced it with a red circle. That is because I am crazy.

I won’t have a block in May, let’s see what I get for June.
Here is what I got for June. I’m seeing a lot of repetition of fabrics and points, be they triangles or diamonds. I feel like shaking things up a bit.The black confetti fabric was in the bag. I went with some of the print colors, but using some of my own solids. Since there is red in the confetti, I decided to introduce it into the quilt. I pulled out My QCR Mini, the ruler that gives me great curves.The row on top is my first try, I don’t like it, so I rearranged the blocks, so instead of a teardrop, I know have half clamshells. I like it much better.I’m not a big fan of improv, but the blocks just weren’t going to fit, so I had to add a 2″ strip of the black. What to do in the corners? Why not contrasting white.I think it’s looking good! I like how I reintroduced black as well as solids.

The rows are getting longer, I think there is only one more border to go.



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