Flora and Fauna

These dogs at Duplooy’s have a very good life.So do the birds, they have their own special feeding area, this Aracara is related to the Tucan.  I love the markings on his beak, that make it look like sharp teeth.Yellow wing Tangier, lucky for me they had a bird guide right there. Although I must say, the people who work here do know all the names.A vulture cooling its wings. The Kinkajou, a little marsupial that comes down for bananas most nights.Not all birds are alive, this is the doorknob into a resort in San Pedro.A spider monkey enjoying the Mayan ruins. We also saw an agouti, the picture was so blurry, not worth sharing.How often have you seen a Charlotte’s Web spider web??  Tiny but so perfect.I wasn’t very close to this iguana, we were floating by in the river – he is yuuuuge!A frog decorating a fence. Happy fellow. A tunnel made out of living bamboo.A very narrow tunnel in a banyan tree.Doesn’t get any redder than this.Or otherworldly than this.

I have one more post with odds and ends. The vacation was wonderful, it was even better coming home. That is the sign of a good vacation when we have a great time, yet we really appreciate our life here at home.




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