The final one from Las Vegas

Textiles, there are wonderful hidden textiles. I say hidden because these were off in the convention part of the hotel.Tree of life and look! a comfortable bench! Pity I only discovered this on the last night, I could have come to this empty hallway and sat down.No plaque to tell me what this is. I identify it as a central Asian applique and embroidery. Might have been created for the walls of tents. Just guessing.Since the steppes of Central Asia are very barren, it’s not surprising that their textiles would be very bright. I do know that Wynn has an incredible art collection. I’m glad he felt confident to display these, although in an area that gets very little foot traffic.Las Vegas florists have their hands full – which is a very good thing.When we arrived these orchids were by the elevators.A few days later and they were replaced by these roses. As I said, the florists are doing well.I love all the opulence and textures here, sure it’s over the top, but it is done so well. I don’t want this in my house, but how wonderful that it is available to the public, just walk in off the street.A little blurry, the centerpiece in one of the restaurants. I think these are real flowers.These are not, and yet, they are lovely. The carousel moves around, no one can sit on the horses, but everyone is taking selfies in front of it. On a slightly smaller scale, I’d be happy to have one of these lamps in my home.

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  1. Beautiful flowers and I would also want one of those lamps in my home! I read your posts on tours round LA as we have been visiting this week. Thanks to you we have been walking in the hills, visiting interesting places (the Getty Villa, Observatory etc) seeing interesting homes and hidden art work. Of course I also went fabric shopping Downtown while my husband took the kids to the science museum. Your posts have been really helpful to me!

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