Me?! Bake???

We had Aytan with us for five days while his parents took Shira to North Carolina to get an implant. She is part of a clinical trial, there were reasons why Insurance wouldn’t just ok an implant for her.

On Saturday I took Aytan to the Autry to see an exhibit about Play, games, and toys. They pulled this quilt out of storage, how wonderful is this! Most of the exhibit was meh- old toys behind glass, but they did have plenty of play areas.This was a stage area with some props. Since he has been talking about going to see the rocket ship every day, I felt vindicated.

Then there were old fashioned video games. He had fun playing them. One was: bake your own cookie. So he made a star shaped cookie. As soon as we got home he wanted to actually bake and decorate star shaped cookies. Who says video games only rot the brain?!?!?I haven’t baked in years. I know, baking is a science, instead of finding a simple recipe, I poured some basic ingredients in a bowl, then into the freezer. Not having any cookie cutters, I improvised. Not that cutter would have helped, the dough was tragic. But here we have a star.I had sent Joel to the store to get some frosting in tubes. Aytan got straight to work with his favorite color – yellow. That is what he used on the computer game as well.Ta-dah!  He is done, all he wanted on this was yellow.Kudos to Aytan! He ate most of that cookie. I tried a piece – ugh, it was pretty awful.Instead of throwing out the rest of the dough, which I should have, I baked some blobs.Aytan was happy to use up the rest of the colors on these.I sent this hot mess home with him, with instructions the parents that they are under no obligation to even try them. The garbage is a good place for these. The experience, was what it was all about, playing a computer game is all well and good, but coming home and actually making something, that is where the fun really happened.

Shira’s surgery went very well. In two weeks she goes back to have the processor turned on. A whole new adventure begins.



2 thoughts on “Me?! Bake???”

  1. You are such an amazing artist, the master of so many skills, from tile work to quilting to knitting, that it’s funny to see you take a belly flop. You–and your grandson–are adorable!

    1. Everything I do has an element of improvisation, one can’t do that with baking. So I don’t bake, unless a grandchild demands it.

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