Triangle Transparency workshop

I had the pleasure of taking a workshop with Yvonne. I don’t take every workshop that is offered, but something like this is so worth my while.

So what is transparency? It’s the effect of light, how more layers will make something darker. I’m not going into all the details, that is what the class is about.This project results in a 60″ x 60″ quilt. For the workshop I decided to pull fabric from my stash and see how I like this before investing in new fabric. Here is one find. When working with transparency, it’s not the the light to dark that matters, it’s also keeping it all in the same colorway. Not an easy thing to do with purple. These are all old fabrics I found at a garage sale, the quality is poor, but the colors do work.I chose to go from dark to light, because I like the dark print best and really wanted to showcase it.Scott did the opposite, he had cut everything before hand and I think had even done a lot of the sewing at home. Btw, I have no doubt this came from his stash, my stash is tiny compared to his.Anna pulled from her stash, it just happens to be Cherrywood fabric. She too went from dark to light. She has had this fabric for a long time, well worth waiting for this project.My block, finished, I am very, very pleased with the result! It’s hard to tell sometimes when looking a pile of fabric.Yvonne did the math and shrunk the block down from 30″ to 15″. Yes, this is considered a transparency because the floral print contains both the blue and the green. My two blocks side by side.With Gregs’ block.Scott finished his top quickly, I really like this layout.Anna’s finished top is stunning, Cherrywood fabrics are very expensive but so worth it, especially for such a graphic design.

Any quilter who has the chance, take Yvonne’s class. She is a good teacher and really helped people out along the way.



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