Summertime and things are slow

I want to be outside where it is beautiful, not inside sewing.So I took a walk and found a patriotic owl.In front of a simple business, I find this beautiful mosaic floor.Look at that Mariner’s compass!This apartment building is right next to the freeway. The sound wall probably blocks the view, which is a good thing. But I can’t help but wonder who put that lovely furniture up there. Without any railing, there is nothing legal about this. And yet, I wonder, do people go up to this roof?Aytan is a very good photographer, I gave him my small camera, unfortunately, the battery ran out too soon.I had to make a conscious effort to get a picture of Shira. She is always in motion.A project I did make. My friend Roberta always has ‘projects’ for me. She of course takes full credit, while I do the work. Does that make her the artist and me just the apprentice doing the work?  Anyway, very cute project for her grandson, a hooded towel. She promises to send a picture of him wrapped in it, will be much cuter than me.


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