One of the charity projects that quilt guilds do is make pillowcases for foster children. Many guilds will pre-cut the fabric, so I took a package of 5. I try and make as many as I can that will appeal to boys. Like everything else, there are tons of options for girls, less so for boys.The first one from this batch I made with French seams. Very nice clean and enclosed. I have a five needle serger, which means that not only can I clean the edges, I can also sew the seam at the same time. Since it is a chain stitch I have to weave in the end and use fray-check since that kind of seam can unravel easily.  But it makes sewing pillowcases so much faster.I know, we are constantly being warned, don’t use pins when sewing on the serger.  Well, in this case, I am sewing through either three or five layers of fabric. (If there is a narrow row of decorative fabric, which there sometimes is.) That is hard to hold together so, I  pin. I work very slowly, making sure to remove the pin before it hits the knife. I get it, it’s easier to tell people not to do something rather than explain how to do something carefully. Lucky for me, I’m not a dummy.How cute are these?!?When I finished the shirt, I had enough fabric leftover for a pillowcase.


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