sewing factory

The clothes sewing continues, I’m making lovely summer clothes and the weather turns cold.  Oh well.I made a cute dress out of the rayon challis. I’m so glad this fabric is rayon, I might have been tempted to buy it even if it were polyester, and then I would have regretted the decision. I know, soon it will be warm, or rather hot. but it bugs me that on Mothers Day, I have to wear this with a sweater. I’m sure I shared this a few years ago when I made this dress.  I am very impressed with how well these photos came out! So really, it’s more about the photography here. I wish I knew how I accomplished this, then I could repeat it.In the fall I made four long sleeve button down shirts. I pulled the pattern out and made a short sleeve version.Paired with a skirt I made a few years ago.I deliberately took these pictures by the red roses, they work so well with this shirt.


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