San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

A ride out of the jungle and a quick puddle jumper and we were in San Pedro. An interesting thing, as we drove through Belize City to the airport, we passed a food shack that was called Jew Boy, written all over it I didn’t have time to take a picture. I’ve always said id root for a sports team called the Jew Boys, so I’m rooting for the success of that business.our resort, Ramons’ Village, is lovely. Cabins set in a jungle like,e setting, as small as the property is, we’d get lost at night trying to find our cabin. Here is the view down the path to the beach. The beach, this island really doesn’t have much beach, this resort built out a sea wall and imported a lot of sand in order to create a large beach. The colors are pure Caribbean. some structures need help.Old anchor School is one block up in town. They have an hour and a half lunch break. Some kids go home, some hang out on the beach. Christmas isn’t quite over, I tried hard to frame the elf, Jesus, the church and the palapa in the background. Sort of tells the story of this town in one shot. Many buildings in town are painted brightly, every street sign has a fish atop itThe whole area is tiny, so seeing the back of houses is not unusual. If you think these people are poor, take a look at the air conditioning unit. The tropics take their toll on buildings quickly. The traffic is like LA but with golf carts, bikes and a few vans. I have no ice what this caveman in the traffic circle represents. we rented a golf cart and with a young couple we had met at DuPlooy’s we drove 10miles north to Secret Beach. It isn’t secret anymore, but the last 4 miles were on a very bumpy dirt road. There were a lot of people here. Because of the road condition we didn’t want to stay for sunset, so we went back and stopped at a place called the Truck Stop. A bar and food trucks all in shipping containers. They had an area for games, they show movies outdoors on Wednesday nights. It’s only two years old, but it is thriving. They are on the lagoon side, so this is no joke. We didn’t see one, but other people told us they had. someone’s heaven.It was the perfect place to watch the sunset. Goodbye to Belize and a wonderful vacation.


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