sweaters and blankets

Have I mentioned lately how much I love knitting? Last night friends invited us for smoked brisket, yumm!  Their recently widowed neighbor was also there, at one point she asked the hostess if she knits, no, but Leah is an expert. She had a mistake in her first knitting project and had no clue how to fix it. It was such a pleasure to help her out, to discuss how knitting is such a therapeutic activity, to recommend the local yarn store as a source of both yarn and learning.  I sincerely hope to find out in a few months, that she is well on her way to becoming a dedicated knitter.

I think the last time I reported on knitting, this was the start of a sweater, from yarn bought in Las Vegas. Then a grandson was born and all plans changed.Yoch loves green. A good excuse to go out and buy some Malabrigo Rios.And start knitting a baby blanket. This is the first time I’m using superwash wool instead of acrylic for a baby blanket. I just couldn’t find the depth of color in acrylic. The other blankets I knit all involved switching colors, this time, I’m going with a cable pattern and the yarn needs to sing.I promised to wash this for them if they need. As yet they don’t have a washing machine, so dealing with a baby blanket that needs to be cleaned can be a problem.I knit like the wind, every knit, knitting away.There is a big difference in the skeins, which adds to the beauty.Done and blocked. I didn’t wet block this one, I went at it with an iron full of steam. It opened up the cable pattern a lot. I was able to deliver it on the day they came home from Ohio. It is now in storage, our weather is still hot. This little boy heats up quickly, we shall see how much this actually gets used.I’ve even had time to get back to the sweater. Using my new stitch markers to mark decreases. This pattern has a faux princess seam, which takes the sweater from cozy to tailored.I’m enjoying the knitting and will love wearing this little-knit jacket.




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