A new old sewing machine

My friend Irene collects sewing machines. She ran out of room and has offered some to her close friends.In this little box, is a treasure of a sewing machine.Yup! My very own Singer Featherweight!!  Years ago they were easy to come by and relatively cheap. Not anymore. So thank you, Irene, for hunting down good featherweights and then being willing to let some go to new homes.I love how compact everything is in the case.The tray has a hole in it for the thread holder on the machine.Irene documents as much as she can. Her husband Izzy bought this one, from Stephanie. Oh well, so we don’t know what her grandma’s name was. 1948 is a special year, that is when Israel became a state, so it has extra meaning for me.The machine in the box, there was even space for a little can of oil.Out of the box.And now for the details. I miss the days when a machine was not only well built but beautifully decorated. I have had to replace some major appliances recently. I was told that if they lasted 10 years, that was good.The Singer Insignia, back when Singer really stood for quality.Even the back, that rarely gets seen is decorated. This little power house only stitches a straight stitch, won’t even reverse. As many of us have found, that is enough for many projects. This is also a wonderful machine to travel with – because it’s so compact.I don’t think this baby got a lot of use, the gold designs haven’t worn off. Irene and her husband have a good eye for quality Featherweights. There are plenty on the market that are used and abused. Others are in great shape and today cost as much as a fancy new machine.These machines were manufactured from 1933 to 1968. The look changed through the years, from very ornate to a simple white version. There are interesting feet attachments, we will see if I ever put them to use.This machine sews like a dream.It may not have a reverse function, but it does have many different stitch lengths.

Thank you Irene, I know I will love and cherish this. It has come to a good home.









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